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How to purchase Amazon product on EMI from debit card in india.

How to purchase Amazon product on EMI from debit card in india.

Amazon product|buy on EMI|from Debit card.

Today's time is digital time. All work is online, even shopping. you will find a lot's of shopping sites on the internet. you have to do order by choosing your favirite product. the product will reach your home.If you also shop online,than this post can be of your use.

Samsung 192 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single-door Refrigerator (RR19R2Y12UZ/NL, Lily Blue) ₹.12.440/-

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Shopping on EMI from debit card.

Here we are talking about  Amazon product shopping through EMI from debit card.If you want to buy any product from Amazon on EMI, than read this post carefully.
Earlier Amazon used to give EMI permission only on credit card. but not every person has a credit card.because to make a credit card you have to deposit a huge amount of FD in the bank. and also face other formalities.but almost everyone has a debit card.
Now for some time Amazon has implemented the option of debit card EMI in India. but it has some craitarea too,then know what they are.

OnePlus 138.8 cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV 55Q1IN-1 (Black) (Without Stand) ₹.69.899/-

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EMI option from debit card.

Terms & Conditions
EMI option
First of all you should have a debit card of one of these 4 banks. Than yoy can check the EMI option for shopping.

Second condition- the price of any product you want to buy for HDFC bank ₹. 10,000 and 8000 for the remaining three banks ( SBI bank,icici bank,Axis bank ) should not work.

OnePlus 7 (Mirror Grey, 6GB RAM, Optic AMOLED Display, 128GB Storage, 3700mAH Battery) ₹.29.999/-

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How to check dabit card eligibility.

Here we are specifically talking about debit card eligibility.the easiest way to check debit card eligibility is to click on the "buy now" option of the product you want to purchase. click on EMI on the payment option. fill the details.and click on "add your card" will be told if your card is eligible for EMI from debit card.

I hope now you will be understand about debit card EMI option. now if your debit card is eligible for EMI option.than you can purchase anything which you want.let's start cool shopping.🎉🎉😇